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So right now i'm looking at my schedule for November and December and I'm going to be a busy little bee.
I'm doing this new thing for work where I let people who are interested in our school know that I am going to be sitting at the local Borders or Barnes and Noble for several hours if they wanted to stop by and ask questions or talk about what is going on in the school. I've only gone to 1 so far in Leesburg where I was lucky enough to meet Charlie for Dinner and Josh stopped by later to share a cup o' Joe with me. Other than that, it was a bust. I'm hoping that in the next couple weeks I'll have a better showing. If this works than I'm going to try to travel to other states and do some more intensive recruiting. My eventual plan is to make it to every state and then bigger goal is to travel to different countries! That's a stretch, but I can dream.
Tonight I am going to Winchester. I wanted to pick up the new book for the book club i'm in anyways. This month's book is "The Road". I'm hosting the next bookclub so i should have something to say about the book I chose... I also want to get a GMAT study book. I'm planning to start applying to Grad schools in the spring for next fall.
Tomorrow is my daddy's b-day so I am gonna get our work to sign a big card and make a cake with some balloons and stuff. He's turning the big 6-0 so I want to make it as big a deal as I can.
Wednesday I have a tour first thing in the morning then I am going to Woodbridge...I already have 2 families that have said they are going to meet me. We just finished a registration for new students this morning. The next registration will be for the spring semester, but we have an Open House next monday that we've got to start preparing for.
I'm currently involved with this "Young Professionals Group" (YPG) based out of Winchester that is also a lot of fun. A couple weeks ago we went on a walking ghost tour of old-town Winchester. Next Friday is the biggest event of the year a "Casino Night" that's open to anyone who is interested. I think tickets are $30 and $35 at the door. It includes $10k worth of coins, all you can eat food and all you can drink beverages.
This sunday a group of friends is going to get together to have a "Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner" and then Ben and I are off to Georgia to have the real Thanksgiving dinner with my grandmother who we do our best to just keep from getting paranoid and angry at us.

Now i'm realizing I drank too much coffee and must run to the ladies room! That's a better update anyways...ciao


So much to say and so hard to know how to get started. Life is great right now. Our apartment is cute and starting to really feel like home. We now have cable tv and wireless internet and now feel like we are no longer living in the '50s.
Last night we went to a halloween party that was just, over-all, boring. We came back to campus and played the new guitar hero at Amy and Andy's apartment which was fun. We really enjoy hanging out with them. Ben just finally came out of the bathroom so we are going to go down to T'ville to get some more of our things and think about sticking around to watch the redskins game. I'll probably do a better update later. Oh, and we're going to see Avenue Q in December! We're so psyched!

It's been about a month...

must be time for another post!

September 25th! Mark your calendars, the wedding date has been set. The dress has been chosen and plans are unfolding now that there is less than 6 months to go.

St. Patty's day was great. I had a bit of a breakdown after I got home from work. But Ben, Suzy, Heather, and Carroll pulled me out of the house for a night of drunken wonderfulness. Then...had work again in the morning. So today I caught up on sleep, went for a jog and did some strength exercises, ate some cheese pizza...then spent about an hour in the bathroom.

i think that's it for this post.

It's a Tuesday!

It's tuesday! And what a glorious tuesday it is! Not for any particular reason. Perhaps Tuesdays should be celebrated on a more regular basis. After talking to Charlie I think i'd like to make every tuesday a national boycott work day so then people don't have to go to work and can come golf with me day. And it will be a revolution! But the worms will be our intelligence spys so that we can use our resistance to fight the resistance of the revolution so that there is friction! And friction is key! yes...the key. One who has already attempted to resist the resistance for the revolution has already met her untimely demise in a terrible shower accident where *apparently* the bottom of the tub had already been soaped up before she had entered. Let that be a warning to anyone who begins a resistance of the revolution and continues to resist even in the vicinity of the resistance for the revolution.

Admrial Annie (because Admrial is a prettier word than Admiral)

Weekend review, Week preview

-antique shopping
-Beverley cafe breakfast
-Checked out our new house
-saw V for Vendetta
-made a romantic candle-light dinner and picnic in my dorm room

-Ben made omelettes
-dropped off film at wal-mart
-played a game of catch in front of kable
-Ben read me poetry from "Where the sidewalk ends"
-went to five guys for lunch
-slept the rest of the day away

Today (and then real-life came back into play)
-no formation
-researching un-work-related stuff at work
-Dorries let me know I was average
-Ben had a really harsh punishment from the judge (today was his court date).
-haven't done any work on my thesis and it's due on thursday.

-karate exam
-hebrew review for test on thursday
-meeting with Sena Center for possible entry level job on campus
-writing a lot of thesis
-Rick Blunt's masters final tomorrow at 8.

-Spring Fling (drinking)

-hebrew test
-karate exam
-Thesis due at 4 at the Depot along with free drinks

-last day of work
-going home?


A midget fortune teller who escapes from prison is a short medium at large.
Thought i'd say hi.
-Got my IRB approved yesterday..yay!
-Finished my transcripts yesterday!
-Did my exit interview for my loans so I can graduate!
-took my exit (p.o.s.) test so I can graduate!
-making a brocure and a press release for a new trolley line at work! (writing press releases = fun)
-I'm totally not sick...even though it may sound like it!
-Thesis presentation is Monday and i'm not scared!

Goin friends only

I decided it was a little un-settling knowing that family, friends, students, ex's, future nULLs, neighbors, creepy internet dudes, co-workers, creepy internet dudettes, fbi, clowns, pirates, lawyers, teachers, and that little old man who works security could potentially read my journal without my knowledge. If you fall into the above categories, that's cool...i'll add you to my friends list...cause it's not like i really have anything to hide that i would write about here anyways.

To think like a child.

I just watched 'finding neverland' and i sincerely don't want to grow up. I don't mind getting older, i look forward to being older, but i don't want to become boring. I want to play the games we used to, eat imaginary food, sneak up on witch's houses, try to avoid the carpet covered in lava. I remember crawling through muddy swamps in the flatland of North Carolina in search of a waterfall. Selling lemonade on the side of the street, feeling as if we were doing these people a favor but secretly knowing, and not sharing with grown-ups, that we knew they were humoring us.
I want to climb the highest tree i can, then fall. As people come to check up on me i just want to lay there giggling infectiously. Days when a minute seemed like an hour, an hour seemed like a day, and a day seemed like an eternity if your mom told you to "wait a second". Perhaps it is while you are young that you are more fully able to recognize the importance and value of 'your' time. Every second should be used to do something extraordinary like saving a baby bird, or attaching a 'kick me' sign to the back of a grown-up without them noticing.
I remember being excited about homework because it was what big kids do, and learning to do my own laundry. Feeding the dogs was not a chore, it was an opportunity to practice my culinary abilities (of which, the aromatic evening air proved my attempts successful in that the food was digestable.) Listening in on grown-ups conversations and feeling a sense of accomplishment in figuring out what the topic was about. Accomplishments came with lots of work and little time. Being able to turn on the bathroom sink by yourself, figuring out where the bunnies in my shoe strings were supposed to come from, what's wrong with dust bunnies, how a rat's nest got in my hair, all moment's of enlightenment. Sometimes it just clicks. The way to win tic-tac-toe, how the quarter got behind your ear, when you play back messages on the answering machine, the person is no longer on the other side.
Or maybe it's when you're going 70 and hit a patch of ice sending the car flying into a 360 turn and the only thing that comes out of your mouth is "weeeeee!"
I'm not ready to grow up, i want to break a few bones before i can say i've truly lived.